Residential Lawns

Transform your garden with a new artifical lawn

We’ve helped many customers improve their properties and their lifestyle by introducing artificial grass into their gardens.  

An extremely versatile product, artificial grass can be used in all types of spaces. Whether you have a small town garden or a sprawling country garden, synthetic grass can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your outside space.

Read the case studies below to see how we’ve solved a range of needs for our clients.

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Southwold Roof Garden

A client had purchased a beautiful top floor apartment in stunning Southwold.  The new home came with the added advantage of an outside roof area.  Unfortunately this area had been covered in decking and was rather unattractive. 

The client asked for our assistance in turning the space into a bespoke roof garden.   We recommended an artificial grass which was perfect for his new addition and would add an instant wow factor to the space.

 After spending time considering the difficult aspects of such a challenge, we set to work dealing with the rather tricky logistics!

This was a precarious job as the major concern was how to get our materials safely up and down from the roof top. We solved this with a robust pulley system (and a bit of muscle!).

We even added shock padding over the entire area so it became a safe and fun environment for children.

The end result...

A fantastic new garden was created in a space that had never before been used.

The client now has an amazing roof top garden with stunning views of Southwold.

It’s the perfect outside space for all the family!


Dog Friendly Gardens

As much as we love our furry, four-legged friends, the state they can leave our gardens in is less than desirable!  If your lawn is suffering, artificial grass is the perfect solution!

With regular cleaning and hosing down you can have a dog AND a perfect looking lawn all year round.  You’ll also do away with muddy paws coming into the house…



These images show the state of this homeowner’s lawn before and after the installation of artificial grass.

The end result...

The homeowner has a beautiful new lawn which will look great all year round.  What’s more their four-legged friend can come and go as he pleases…

Felixstowe Garden

Gardens which are tough enough to withstand family life are hard to maintain at the best of times.  More so for those who love to spend every moment outdoors, practising their favourite sports. 

One particular family asked for our help in turning their traditional garden into one which could cope with all their sporting interests.  In addition it still needed to look attractive, regardless of the British weather!


After inspecting the garden and discussing the family’s  requirements, we decided to install a variety of artificial grasses.

The football area was covered in our toughest and most durable grass on offer.  It’s one which is perfect for sports and commercial use.  

A grass shorter in length was applied to the golf pitch and putt area – we even added gentle slopes and holes for practice.

The end result...

One happy, sports-mad family who can play sports till their hearts are content.  They’ve gained an all year round mud free, trample free and maintenance free private garden!

Ipswich Lawn

An elderly couple contacted us regarding a problem they were now facing with their garden.

Their lawn mower was stored in their garage and, in order for them to cut the grass, they had to carry the mower through their property into their garden. 

As they were getting older, this effort was turning their garden from an area of enjoyment into an unnecessary problem.


We visited the couple at their property and spent time listening to their requirements and understanding how they wanted to enjoy their garden again. We surveyed the area thoroughly and discussed the different solutions which would suit their needs. 

They chose an artificial grass which requires very little maintenance.  Furthermore, due to the size of their lawn, we installed the grass from start to finish in a morning!

The couple were delighted with the end result.  They can now relax in their garden and enjoy their stunning new lawn.  All without the worry of getting that dreaded lawnmower out!

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